I came out of the Australian regular army a bit worse for wear.  Constantly wondering what I was to do for the rest of my life, enter my talented musician/singer brother Freddie. He convinced me, I was a born entertainer.

How good was that?  At that stage, I was a fair piano player, with a yearning desire to play guitar, and so I did.  Following some sound advice, I joined a versatile band and performed with them for five great years.  We played the fifties and sixties and a good mix of whatever was popular on air, plus, American country.  I fell in love with the latter.  The band experience developed my vocals, giving me a much broader singing range.

Floor shows, television and package shows allowed me to stay fulltime with my music.  I was fortunate enough to hit the number one slot with my version of the Eddy Rabbit song “Room at the top of the stairs”.  I have always been aware, that “one never stops learning the business”.

Over the past six years, I have developed a passion for song writing.  I feel I have much to offer and to learn. It is an exciting and frustrating road to follow, but I intend to travel it.